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Who is A Bowl of Rice?

We are a full-service, creative production company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
From concept to completion, we can help get your project off the ground!

Everyone has a story to tell, let us tell yours!
- A Bowl of Rice


We're proud of the work we've done. Here is a selection our favorite projects!

U of Sydney
El Live
Global Shapers
Peace Culture
Back of Bike
The Hive

Extra Miles Gone


Sleepless Nights Editing


Cameras Destroyed


Cups of Coffee Consumed


Case Studies

The A Bowl of Rice team has been part of several unique projects! Here is a selection of behind the scenes stories that detail how we solve production challenges!

UNICEF – Tikkun Olam Makers Vietnam

In June of 2016 our team was approached by UNICEF with a unique challenge: over the course of the three day Tikkun Olam Makers event, capture the emotion and actions of eight teams, racing against the clock, to build technology based inventions for children with disabilities. We needed to make one video for each team and then one separate video covering the entire event. Sounds simple enough, but there is one catch: the videos will all play at the end of the event gala on the evening of the third day. Nine videos in three days! Time to get to work! – Read More!


Our very first client to find us solely through our website, Inspectorio presented us with the opportunity to make something we hadn’t had the chance to do before. The Inspectorio team had developed an app that could potentially disrupt a multi-billion dollar industry but, in order to snag crucial investment, they needed our help to present their product and story through two, one-minute videos. – Read More!

ILA – Beyond English

In August of 2016, A Bowl of Rice got a call from Dentsu! They were working on a new campaign with one of our oldest and dearest clients, ILA, to launch their teaching services into the 21st century. With a short-form documentary, we had to convince parents that the classroom, as we knew it, was in need of a change. So, with access to industry experts, seasoned teachers, and some of the best students in Vietnam, we went to the drawing board! – Read More!

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Meet the Team

We work hard, we play hard! Here are the talented individuals behind A Bowl of Rice!

Max Murta

Max Murta

Director - DOP - Writer - Editor View Details
Jane Vo

Jane Vo

Production Manager - Producer - Director View Details
Sean Trace

Sean Trace

Producer View Details
Max Murta

Max Murta

Director - DOP - Writer - Editor

“Does a little bit of everything, some of it well!”

With a Marketing and Sales background, our Director, Max Murta, is responsible for overseeing your project’s development, and generating a strategic plan to create the best Video for you from A Bowl Of Rice. Holding more than 10 years experience in journalism, copywriting, directing and as a great camera man himself, Max’s passion for brand strategy, developed along with his passion for beautiful videography, makes him our client’s best weapon when it comes on translating realities into moving pictures.

Jane Vo

Jane Vo

Production Manager - Producer - Director

“The glue that binds and the whip that cracks!”

A Japanese graduate, our Producer and Production Manager, Jane Vo, is responsible for keeping your vision alive and well. Jane has developed her wickedly tasty vision in creative work with high standards and quality control. With a Marketing background and plenty of Business Development experience in her back pocket, Jane understands what is effective and what’s not, and as a result, her work saves our clients from costly, time consuming matters and creates extra time for you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the best video making process in the market.

Sean Trace

Sean Trace


“He’ll surprise you with what he can get for free!”

With years of experience on multimillion dollar movie sets in Hollywood, no challenge is too big for our producer Sean Trace. Skilled in finding the best pieces in order to make the highest quality products, Sean is a master at utilising every available resource to maximise production time and cost. With a background in social media marketing, he has a passion for helping brands connect with their customers to make lasting relationships by sharing personal stories.

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